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08:48 PICS: The next time you visit the Eiffel Tower, it will be sporting new glass walls



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  • WATCH: Top 3 world news videos today

    09 August 2018 5:36 AM 20

    1. NY Congressman charged with insider trading New York Representative Chris Collins, an early supporter of President Trump, was indicted Monday for insider trading. The president of the Democratic Republic of Congo has ended speculation that he would seek re-election, now well beyond his original term limit. Joseph Kabila's decision to step down eases

  • Student poses with 4m-long alligator to celebrate graduation

    08 August 2018 2:09 PM 21

    This student went to extreme lengths to get the perfect graduation picture! Makenzie Noland (21), a student at Texas A&M University in College Town, Texas, decided to celebrate her upcoming graduation in a very unusual way. Wearing a pretty dress and graduation cap the 21-year old, who’s been studying wildlife and fisheries science at the university

  • 3 teenagers charged in fire set at New Jersey special-needs playground

    08 August 2018 3:05 AM 30

    Three teenagers are accused of setting fire to a New Jersey playground that was designed for special needs students. But authorities have not yet said what charges the youths are facing or why the fire was set, citing the ongoing investigation. The suspects – two 14-year-olds and a 15-year-old – were arrested on Friday, two days after the fire swept

  • Deadliest quakes in Indonesia since 2004

    07 August 2018 9:02 AM 65

    The earthquake that rattled Indonesia on Sunday is one of many deadly quakes to strike the vast archipelago nation since 2004. Here is a recap. On December 26 a massive earthquake measuring 9.1 on the open-ended Richter scale strikes off the coast of Sumatra and triggers a tsunami that kills 220 000 throughout the region, 168 000 in Indonesia alone

  • WATCH: Argentina’s handless barber refuses to be held back

    06 August 2018 2:38 PM 22

    Although Gabriel Heredia was born without forearms, that hasn’t stopped him from following his dreams. Gabriel, who works in the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires, says at first hairdressing was just something he was curious about and he hadn’t always planned on becoming a professional hairdresser. “One day I started cutting my friends’ and my brothers’

  • Brazil's right-wing candidate picks general as running mate

    06 August 2018 10:19 AM 63

    Far-right presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro picked an army reserve general on Sunday to be his running mate for Brazil's October elections. Bolsonaro, who is the candidate of the Social Liberal Party, announced his choice of reserve Gen. Hamilton Mourao, who belongs to the right-wing Brazilian Labuor Renewal Party. Brazilian political parties are small

  • Indonesia disaster agency spokesperson says Lombok earthquake caused 'massive' damage

    06 August 2018 7:37 AM 24

    An Indonesian disaster agency spokesperson says the Lombok earthquake caused "massive" damage in north of island. Authorities say foreign and Indonesian tourists are being evacuated from popular vacation islands off the northwest of Lombok following Sunday's powerful earthquake that killed at least 82 people. National Disaster Mitigation Agency spokesperson

  • IS killed hostage from Syria's Sweida: local media

    05 August 2018 8:28 AM 60

    The Islamic State jihadist group has executed one of dozens of Druze hostages abducted from Syria's southern province of Sweida last month, a Syrian news outlet and a monitor said on Sunday. IS killed the 19-year-old male student on Thursday after kidnapping more than 30 people, mostly women and children, from a village in Sweida during a deadly rampage

  • Russian airline says 18 killed in Siberian helicopter crash

    04 August 2018 9:32 AM 34

    A Russian helicopter crashed shortly after takeoff in Siberia on Saturday, killing all 18 people aboard, its airline said. Preliminary information indicated that the aircraft's blades collided with another helicopter that had taken off beforehand from the same pad in Vankor, above the Arctic Circle about 2 600 kilometers northeast of Moscow, UTair said in a statement

  • WATCH: Nasa astronauts prepare for US flights to space

    04 August 2018 9:07 AM 22

    Suni Williams has been a Nasa astronaut since 1998, and has flown two previous missions, including 322 days in orbit on the International Space Station, where she took a stuffed toy dog with her for company, according to the Nasa website. Now she's been introduced as one of the crew of astronauts who will fly the first US piloted space flights since