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  • Rome Letter: The boss is back, calling the shots as electoral reform tops agenda

    11 February 2014 5:41 AM 97

    The leader of the new Democratic Party turns to an old hand for advice Prof D’Alimonte held up his hands in frustration. Come on you lot, all you foreign correspondents, you simply do not understand, do you? The scene was Rome’s Foreign Press Club last week. Prof Roberto D’Alimonte, for long recognised as one of the few boffins around who instinctively

  • Imam charged over child marriage

    11 February 2014 2:13 AM 17

    February 11 2014 at 04:10am Sydney - A Muslim cleric was on Tuesday charged in Australia with conducting an illegal marriage between a 26-year-old man and a 12-year-old girl. It follows the arrest of a Lebanese national - the “husband” - last week on child sex offences. Police said the imam, reportedly Pakistan-born, was arrested in Sydney on Monday

  • Ashraf Islam Jailed

    10 February 2014 7:16 PM 24

    The judge said the 31-year-old had given "considerable thought" to his plan to murder Harry because of his "moral guilt". A convicted criminal who who believed he had a "moral right" to kill Prince Harry has been jailed for three years. Ashraf Islam, 31, thought the royal had "a moral guilt" because he was a member of the Armed Forces. Judge Richard

  • Nepal finally picks new PM, but challenges remain

    10 February 2014 3:44 PM 17

    Nepal's parliament picked a social democrat as its new prime minister on Monday after a last-minute power-sharing deal ended a deadlock that had lasted since an election two months ago. Sushil Koirala, the head of the centrist Nepali Congress party, was elected with support from the communist UML party, which holds the second largest number of seats

  • Bulgaria launches campaign against looting

    10 February 2014 3:20 PM 17

    February 10 2014 at 05:19pm Bulgaria's Interior Ministry on Monday launched a nationwide campaign against burglaries and looting, officials confirmed. Svetoslav Lazarov, chief secretary at the ministry, said that police were being deployed to patrol remote regions of Bulgaria where violent crime is on the rise. “(Police) units will stay as long as necessary

  • Snowden-themed website launches

    10 February 2014 2:42 PM 17

    February 10 2014 at 04:36pm First Look Media, a news organisation founded by eBay billionaire Perre Omidyar, on Monday launched its first web magazine, The Intercept, which will initially focus on the disclosures of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. The website will be run by former Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald and documentary filmmaker Laura

  • 17 inmates stab themselves in Georgia prison protest

    10 February 2014 2:36 PM 9

    At least 17 prison inmates in Georgia were hospitalised on Monday with self-inflicted stab wounds as a larger protest over alleged mistreatment rocked the ex-Soviet state's penal system, authorities said. The inmates from Geguti penitentiary in western Georgia were treated for "self-inflicted multiple stab wounds in their upper and lower extremities

  • Tiger evades hunters, kills again

    10 February 2014 2:02 PM 19

    February 10 2014 at 03:59pm Forest officials say a tiger has killed its 10th human victim in a month while evading hunters on its trail in northern India. Deputy Director Saket Badola of the Jim Corbet National Park says the female tiger was outside its normal territory and prowling near villages on the border between the northern Indian states of Uttarakhand

  • 112 Dhaka collapse victims unidentified

    10 February 2014 1:58 PM 19

    February 10 2014 at 03:57pm File photo: A mourner holds up a portrait of her missing relative, presumed dead following the April 24 Rana Plaza garment building collapse, and a bone fragment believed to be from one of the many unidentified remains of killed garment workers. Dhaka - A Bangladesh expert said on Monday he has given up hope of identifying

  • Tiger kills 10th person in 6 weeks in northern India

    10 February 2014 1:45 PM 19

    LUCKNOW, India -- A tiger prowling near villages in northern India killed its 10th person in six weeks, a day after eluding a trap set by hunters with a live calf as bait. The female tiger is believed to have strayed from Jim Corbett National Park, India's oldest national park, which was established in 1936 to provide endangered Bengal tigers with safe territory