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  • Divorce is ‘un-Swazi’, MPs told

    29 November 2013 9:06 AM 94

    November 29 2013 at 11:05am By Titus Gwebu Swaziland’s parliamentarians have been banned from getting divorces - until 2018, when the newly elected MPs complete their terms of office. MPs and senators were told by the speakers of the House and Senate that the edict had been created to spare King Mswati embarrassment. The king is a strict traditionalist

  • Egypt jails girls over pro-Morsi demonstration

    29 November 2013 5:34 AM 112

    A court in Egypt has sentenced 21 female supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi to 11 years in prison. They were found guilty of multiple charges, including belonging to a terrorist group, obstructing traffic, sabotage and using force at a protest in the city of Alexandria last month. Seven are under the age of 18 and will be sent to a juvenile

  • Egypt's draft constitution strengthens army, to be concluded on Thursday

    28 November 2013 7:40 PM 94

    CAIRO (Reuters) - Egypt's new constitution would strengthen the army's hand and could ban Islamist parties outright, according to a final draft published in state media, and the assembly writing the text said it was poised to finish its work on Thursday. One human rights lawyer said it reinforced the army's status of state within a state. A referendum

  • Spain tries 44 for financing FARC

    28 November 2013 7:35 PM 90

    November 28 2013 at 08:36pm By SAPA Madrid - Forty-four people went on trial in Spain on Thursday on charges of sending hundreds of thousands of euros of drug money to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). The key member of the accused, who faces up to 18 years in prison, told the court near Madrid that she sent sums of up to 100 000 euros

  • Analysis: Israel struggling to win friends, influence people

    27 November 2013 8:50 PM 103

    JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Criticized for settling occupied land and stung by its failure to shape the new world power deal with Iran, Israel must rethink its strategy if it wants to avoid severe diplomatic setbacks in the coming months. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's fury about the Iranian nuclear accord has exposed Israel's limited reach on the international

  • Syrian women exploited in Lebanon

    27 November 2013 7:36 PM 203

    November 27 2013 at 09:32pm By SAPA FILE - A Syrian refugee, who lives in Lebanon, cries while waiting for some of her relatives to board a bus to Beirut International Airport. (AP Photo/Hussein Malla, File) Beirut - Women refugees from Syria are being sexually harassed by employers, landlords and others in Lebanon, adding another layer of suffering

  • Dissatisfied with pace of trial in Pak, says Khurshid

    26 November 2013 5:42 PM 107

    New Delhi: Even five years after the Mumbai attacks, the case in Pakistan is being dragged on without any result. External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid has said that while he was dissatisfied with the pace of the trial, the new government in Pakistan has given assurances that trial will be sped up. Salman Khurshid: No, we are not. We have said this to Pakistan

  • Egypt PM: Brotherhood a terrorist group

    26 November 2013 10:15 AM 103

    Cairo: Egypt’s caretaker Prime Minister Hazem Al Beblawi has said he believes the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organisation, as the Islamist group is the target of the toughest security crackdown in years. “At the personal, political and intellectual levels, I see the Brotherhood as a terrorist group,” Al Beblawi told the private broadcaster

  • Tymoshenko on hunger strike to push for EU deal

    26 November 2013 7:53 AM 109

    After years of preparations for a landmark deal with the EU, President Viktor Yanukovych’s government announced abruptly last week that it was putting the agreement on hold and that Ukraine would focus on improving ties with its giant neighbor Russia. The decision threw everybody off guard, since Yanukovych promised just two months ago that the political

  • Man fails in climate change refugee bid

    26 November 2013 7:27 AM 112

    WELLINGTON, New Zealand - A Pacific islander's bid to become the world's first climate change refugee failed Tuesday, with a New Zealand judge describing his case as "unconvincing". Lawyers for Loane Teitiota, 37, argued that New Zealand immigration authorities should not deport him, even though his visa had expired, because rising seas were threatening